AWE/mirror of heart

The cosmos plays us with illusion: it mirrors and inverts perception to draw us towards light, truth, unity... We want it, but first we must survive. We get the metaphor, just an old upside down one, then we sit on the record scratch and bump bump into illusion like big sweet babies. Inversion is a somewhat kinder road for the real to be revealed. Can we cultivate love and trust for our beloved nemesis/selves over the lash. What is it in the eye that reverses all things so carefully? Where the eye sees out, it looks in. Only through our receptiveness to what is, does the "mystery " vaporize. There is a Mystic's Awe that Multiplies. We were made from stars, and our potential is to be a vehicle for the cosmos, but most of us are hallucinating a lot of the time... We often wear our tomb stone around our neck like an albatross: Here lies [IWM]. Die before you die. Die to broken thoughts. Imagination brings us closer to and further from the real. Is it creative or is it separating. If i was that blind, how blind am i Now? Enter into some kind of communication with a larger reality. Drop some veils-(not all, please)- of the imagination. We are naked, together, slave and free, yet were afraid of XTC. Love is the intention behind the intention. "Stay the same. Change." Who's voice is that? Loosen the tourniquet on your heart. Do a head stand to see something different, be a fool and let the blood of the heart fill your head. Just don't be stupid. Time IS love and love is what is passing. Also will the music of this breath and heart beat. Make your house your home before you fly away.
( first entries are at the bottom- with a different format bc im not that technical!)



August... The air has been particularly refreshing these past 2 weeks of life and life..." if there's love, i just wanna have something to do with it".  Finished a creative project with my very dear bff, PR. Once again a satiating collaboration.... love takes many forms and is bountiful.  Stood by a dear one on deadline and sat with a doe on the 17th floor.... had a brief but sweet visit from my sister whom i refer to as my spring blossom..... I have to say this mercury retrograde/ ramadan has been quite fulfilling.... I miss California as summer wanes, but i feel so at home with in myself right now, i am glad exactly where i am.
People are not investments.  Love for the sake of love.  I do what I do because it makes me happy.  It makes me happy to do what i feel is right by what i recognize to be true.  Service, collaboration with life/ love puts me in  harmony.  Responsibility to my own awareness.  What could be the highest purpose of living but to perfect human relations and nourish divine true friendships by sharing.  When there is an opportunity to be there/ true,  do not hesitate,  as it is a fertile valley of growth and all falls into place.  If it brings strife, then one is giving for misguided reasons,  like insurance, or avoidance.  Be sure of this: people will always need each other.  We are all here in order to be together, but we all answer to the Friend alone.  Some relationships purify by fire, mirrors to what needs to burn-out with in us.  Once it is burned away, so does that relating ( hopefully!). If not the friendship is a bit in vain.
When I can freely give,  I  receive, "a sweetheart is a mirror, a friend, a delicious cake" , when you see yourself sweetly in another, you can be of help, satisfying that high station, and call.  The body is an instrument, like the lute, or reed.... breath is life, the unseen current, like in the German language, soul and breath are linked.  The body must live out it's purpose for what it was created: when the lute is not realized , it is not understood.  This is why we return to the valley and become children again before we can grow.  We stay in the valley until we can realize the poison is also medicine, and can open more to the breath of life.  There are 1,000 ways to avoid pain;  a jar can only hold one days portion of ocean, that is if we are contained ... smash the bottle, and see One in All, do not limit your identity, 
become clear
( enough illusion - neptune)
on your
deepest hearts desire, vision
work smart not stupid- like the cobra-
the work of repose
take actions (moon in aries)
let yourself go ( jupiter)
when moon is in Taurus this week state it!
( you will have time to work on it soon)
change patterns
  " as long as the oyster is not content it will never be filled by a pearl."

..."it is the fire of love that fell into the reed and the ferment of love that fell into the wine"
do not neglect your purpose.
the door is ajar ( wink)

all is fluid , moving,
(and if it says sk it's mines)

"Rise" to the occasion  (sk 8/11)
get things done
transcend, let yourself go, let yourself go ( a little citizen cope)
that back to school squirrelly feeling of gather ye nuts
Winter lies before us! but how many winters have we thus far survived...
how many lives!
boink ahh this is fun

is the eye of the heart

it is not life that is mortal, it is the cover that makes it seem mortal 

 flowers they bloom

im tellin you, remember greater jupiter, mitosis
 8 sideways, fission vision

see what is given, forget you're perfect offering
stay inflow 

um, isn't it obvious, there is a crack in everything....

thats how the light gets in, yes very nice indeed. 
a dance,  in time

Spirit  in wind and bees 
it is nice to watch a tree sway in the city
so why the rush

"Work is Love made visible"
im gathering pollen to make honey
more will be revealed

fall closer friend

the artist at work , haha, here we go yo...
i like to, work this way in Califor nia
HM rode his horse when he needed a break from the studio, lampin'

integrate, and back to the reals: end of summer synthesis

i need nature like flowers need the  rain
America, you know

a fresh kxss of rain-  a lot of rain

slept well and was born again  ( SK pour light upon light)

 missing u California
sk this jar .......................slow

and sweet to know you (sk lampin) color sux in this photo

if you got it... flaunt it

value........there we go, look at those fat grapes

behold a horsey
H Bass!
Guy B!

its signed"Ispult"
tune in

a cobra sleep, not a coma  

love ducks

cat power ( free)
open road